Elphinstone Progress Association Inc.

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The Elphinstone Progress Association Inc. (EPA) meets about five times per year usually on a Monday night at 7pm at the Elphinstone Hotel. For the next meeting date please check the Elphinstone Community Noticeboard outside the Post Office and General Store. Everyone is welcome.

Incorporated in 2013, the Elphinstone Progress Association Inc was formed during the process of drawing up the Elphinstone Community Plan. After the hugely successful Elpho Expo event in May 2013 the plan was launched at the, also well attended, Spice Up Elphinstone event in June 2014.

  • The Elphinstone Progress Association has been successful in obtaining the following grants and working on the following projects:
  • A Strengthening Our Community Grant from Mount Alexander Shire, for the provision of a new improved Community Notice Board (2014)
  • Project with fourth year Planning students from LaTrobe University Bendigo, looking at land usage and permits (2015)
  • Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal Grant to hire a professional planner to design, with community consultation, a Town Centre (2015)
  • A Strengthening Our Community Grant from Mount Alexander Shire, for the design and manufacture of an outdoor artistic map of the town (2015/16)
  • Mount Alexander Community Enterprise Grant to run a public event to launch the draft Town Centre Plan (2015)

Community involvement is hugely important to the Elphinstone Progress Association. Membership provides funds for the group to continue to meet the aspirations of the town, and allows the group to proudly represent residents.

Membership forms are available from the Elphinstone Post Office. Membership does not equal a commitment to attend meetings. Anyone is always welcome to attend but membership in itself is a fantastic way to support Elphinstone.

Please download a copy of the Elphinstone Community Plan (pdf).

Elphinstone Progress Association Inc Statement of Purpose

1. To promote and encourage the development of the residential, sporting, cultural and recreation resources of the Elphinstone.
2. To stimulate public interest in the development of such resources by facilitating a greater interchange of ideas between organisations and by prompting greater awareness in the community of the value of such resources and resulting activities.
3. To provide a forum to which residents of the community can bring problems for free and open discussion and solution.
4. To make representation to government at all levels and to other associations or groups of individuals in the interests of all residents of the community.
5. To be actively interested in and to promote where desirable cultural festivals and events held in or connected with Elphinstone.
6. To explore all lawful avenues for the acquiring of adequate finance for the purpose of maintaining and updating the facilities in Elphinstone.
7. To make donations to or otherwise assist any charitable, benevolent, or public purpose or fund, in the interest of and for the development of activities and resources that the Association deems fit to encourage or support.
8. To promote or assist in promoting any activity not presently represented in Elphinstone or to increase or advance any activity insufficiently represented but desired by residents.
9. To undertake any such other activities as may be from time to time be agreed by the Association.
10. To promote interest and responsibility and civic pride amongst the general public and to encourage and assist such public in development of that resource.

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